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Aspartame - Aspartame Sweetener Suppliers

Aspartame - Aspartame Sweetener Suppliers

Brief Introduction

Product Name:Aspartame
Molecular Mass: 294.30
Molecular Fomular:C14H18N2O5
CAS NO.: 22839-47-0


Colorless transparent to white crystalline powder, has intense sweet tast.It’s dilute solution sweetness about 180 times of sucrose.


Aspartame is a new kind of amino acids,a high sweetness sweetener ,and a two peptide compounds which is composed of L - l-aspartic acid and L – phenylalanine. But has no other artificial sweetener bitterness, chemical or metallic flavour.
Aspartame can improve fruit flavors and reduce of coffee acrid. it can effectively reduce the quantity of heat, and won't cause tooth decay to be bad, with a similar metabolism of protein.
Aspartame has the characteristics of good flavor, high sweetness, low calorific value, safety and reliability. It can be widely applied in carbonated drinks and fruit drinks, jam, fruity powder, instant coffee, frozen milchigs,gum frozen sofe suger , chewing gum, candied fruit, salad sauce. Aspartame also can make the grain, powder or juice. As sugar substitute can directly adds to the daily sweets, especially suitable for diabetes, obesity, and avoid sugar patients take

Storage and Packing

Storage: Avoid light, dry, cool airtight storage.
Packing: 25 kg/fiber drum or according to the customer’s requirment

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